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Benefit to Support the SHAC 7

Come dine in support of the SHAC7! There will be a four course vegan meal on August 27, 6:00pm, at the United Methodist Church in Santa Cruz.

On May 26th, three Bay Area activists, as well as four others across the country, were arrested and charged with Federal Terrorism and "Interstate Stalking" charges as a result of their involvement in the campaign against Huntingdon Life Sciences (a notorious animal testing lab).

Make no mistake -- this is not about terrorism or animal rights. The simple fact is that these charges are nothing more than an attempt to silence activists who have utilized their First Amendment right to speak out on controversial issues and tactics. If the government can get away with charging these activists with Terrorism, every protester in the US has something to worry about!

report back: Gourmet Dinner For the Shac7

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