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Report from NYC - I'm NOT in jail!

On August 31, nearly 1000 people were nabbed by the NYPD during widespread direct actions around New York City. (A number of medics over the past few days have been singled out and arrested).

The mainstream coverage describes these protests and arrests as "confrontational" and "scuffles," etc, but protesters held their composure and kept to their well-organized plans, despite aggressive police tactics that included orange plastic fencing to keep protesters penned in, and "snatch squads" that targetted individuals standing in the middle of otherwise peaceful crowds.

Actions I witnessed included a "shut up-a-thon" in front of fox news headquarters (there were over a thousand chanting "shut the fox up"), a road blockade by comrades from the bay area, a die-in by members of the war-resisters league, a street party near union square, and lots of arrests. It felt like spontaneous eruptions all over the city, the grassroots pushing up through the concrete at every park and major intersection, strategically non-violent and with powerful messages against the war in iraq, the corporate agenda of the bush administration, and the lies propogated by the corporate media.

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