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March for Education, Sept. 15-22 - San Jose to Berkeley to SF

Over two dozen Bay Area students and youth will walk from San Jose State University to UC Berkeley to San Francisco State University from Sept. 15-22 to dramatize their concern for the future of education in California. Along the way, they will visit a total of 17 different California State Universities, community colleges, and private colleges, to dialogue with the students, faculty, staff, and community members at those campuses and build a person-by-person understanding of the myriad ways the state’s failed budget priorities are impacting its citizens.

The walk will conclude with a special appearance at the UC Regents meeting in San Francisco on September 22. The long-term vision of the "Education Rising" campaign is the creation of a "union" for students. This union, based on a structure of deep participatory democracy, will serve as a political voice for all those who care about education and youth rights.

Audio Interview and Photos from the March for Education
Audio: March for Education

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