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Audio Interview and Photos from the March for Education

On Wednesday September 15th, a group of students from the University of California at Santa Cruz embarked upon a March for Education to dramatize their concern for the future of education in California, including the effects of budget cuts and tuition hikes. The march began at San Jose State University and will end on September 22nd at San Francisco State University. Before reaching San Francisco State University, the marchers will rally in front of the UC Regents meeting taking place at UC San Francisco.

I met up with the marchers on Wednesday afternoon while they were en-route from San Jose State University to Santa Clara University. Stephanie Smith, one of the organizers of the March for Education spoke with me about the effects of funding cuts and tuition hikes at all levels of education, as well as marching as a tactic for social change. (3:43 / 3.5 megabytes)

Audio: [ Listen to the Stream or Download the mp3 ]


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Students take back the power

You are all phenomenal, and most of all, ENGAGED young people. If youth like you were the rule and not the exeption, the world would be a fine place to live. I wish you all the best of luck, and don't let Gandalf work you too hard! "We're coming Arnold"


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