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ALF Liberates Entire Deer Population from GNK Deer Farm

San Miguel, CA- In the early morning hours of January 18, members of the Animal Liberation Front liberated the entire imprisoned deer population of GNK Deer Farm in Monterey County, California. These deer were doomed to certain death at the early age of 18 months at the hand of owner Gerd Konieczny, a former butcher and LA cop who raises the deer for profit and fun, by his own admission. [ read the full communiqué ]

A commenter writes: A few questions that I hope were / or will be considered in the future:

1) What deer species was this? Was it a local native species and subspecies or was it a non-native deer released with many harmful potential long-term impacts on local native flora and fauna. Alien species introduced into new habitats by humans is a leading cause of extinction. If this was not considered it should be considered in the future.

2) How many deer were released? Will local deer starve as a result of the increased population? What will be the impact on some of the very endangered local plant species in Monterey County?


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