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Trial Started for State Agent Indicted on Voluntary Manslaughter

Finally, 2 years after the murder of Rudy Cardenas, state agent Michael Walker is going to court for the charges of voluntary manslaughter. The defense claims that Walker shot in self-defense, thinking that Rudy had a gun. No weapons were found at the scene, but a mysterious knife turned up from Rudy’s pants pockets while in the custody of the state. Defense attorney, Craig Brown, works for the law firm Harry Stern, the same law firm that represented the Oakland Riders, a gang of police notorious for planting evidence and murdering innocent people in Oakland, California. Walker plans to take the stand, probably towards the end of the trial. It has come out that Walker did not follow standard procedures and basically took the law into his own hands, execution style.

Questions Still Remain: What exchanged happened between Rudy and Walker to make Walker gun down an innocent man? Why was Walker training other police and state agents at the Central Coast Gang Investigator Association conference after being indicted on voluntary manslaughter? And since Walker’s indictment, why have all the other half-dozen police-murders in San Jose had closed-grand jury hearings?

see also: Michael Walker, Killer of Rudy Cardenas, Goes to Trial (Indybay)


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