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The End of Santa Cruz Earth First!?

As of Wednesday, 23 June, 2004, at 7 pm. Santa Cruz Earth First! will be gone - Unless you do something about it!

If any of you want to see Santa Cruz Earth First! continue, then you have to let the group know it.

You MUST come to the meeting on Wednesday, 23 June at 7 pm at 224 Walnut Ave (The HUB) Suite E (Upstairs over the Bike Church) or You MUST send a donation to Santa Cruz Earth First!, POB 344, Santa Cruz, CA 95061 that arrives before the meeting on June 23rd.

Don't send a reply email saying how much you want SCEF! to continue - SHOW UP OR SEND A DONATION!

If you want SCEF! to continue and are willing to participate, support it and be active, and show it, then SCEF! will live on.

A Quick Look Back: History of Santa Cruz Earth First! I SCEF! Fights for Jailed Comrade "Victim" I SC County Jail is Redecorated I Treesitters Needed NOW I EF! Tree-Sit in Ramsey Gulch! I Ramsey II Sitters Threatened at Gun Point I Treesitter Dies Defending Ramsey Gulch Ecosystem I EF! Organizers' Conference I SCEF! Climb Training I Earth First! Radio News (archives)


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