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Re: RCNV terminates Infoshop's lease

this is probably a waste of my time, but,

in regards to the "a press release full of innuendo, hearsay and inaccurate second hand information..." that 'get real' describes-

The only thing that the infoshop released publicly was a PSA to explain what was happening and ask for support. It was sent to free radio, and posted on indymedia. it was not a "press release", though someone took it and sent it to press outlets after-the-fact (which was not a group decision, the PSA said "please distribute" on it so some person decided to send it to the media)
The short PSA is at the top of this page, and if one reads it, it simply explains, from first-hand knowledge (written by multiple infoshop volunteers), that we have lost our space, that people could call the RCNV, what the infoshop was, and ideas for how the infoshop could exist in the future.

I think the PSA was clear and to the point, it did not make any false statements or allegations, and it certainly wasn't "disinformation".

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