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Barrier frustrates Arabs from murdering and pillaging

I mostly agree with this writer. I would add that the barrier does threaten the economic interests of the Palestinians---but then the Palestinians never had it so good as when they were under the Israeli occupation (the real one --- the one BEFORE the Oslo accords in 1994 which set up the PA as the administrative authority, a fore-runner to self-rule. Yes back in the good old days, the palestinians GNP grew 13% per year between 1967 and 1993. Once the PA took over, per capita income dropped by 35% by 1996. Things went to hell in a handbasket once Arafat launched his intifada against Israel. (Oh, and he blamed it on Sharon for walking up to the most holy site for the Jewish people smack dab in the middle of Jerusalem, the most holy city in the world for the jewish people. Thats like the pope walking into the Vatican. but I digress).

Since the Palestinian Arab economy is dependent on Israel's economy like a tick on a dog, the barrier is really going to make things suck bigtime for the Palestinians. I hope they turn around and blame their own leaders whose hate has led them to nothing but misery. But the current trend is to blame Israel for....EVERYTHING?

Evreem---back up what you say. Got facts? What is YOUR logic?

Sudan people. What about Sudan. Thats where the real victims are.

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