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Al Aqsa Mosque: the tourist trap

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YOU WROTE: "Israel's hands are not clean in regards to the decline of the Palestinian economy."

BECKY: The data suggests that once Israel stopped the occupation in 1994, the Palestinian economy declined rapidly. Now, due to the violent intifada, the tourist industry in Israel and the West Bank has diminished causing economic hardship to all.

I dont really see how Israel is culpable. Perhaps you can explain it. So far you have made an unsubstantiated assertion.

YOU WROTE: "Jerusalem, the most holy city in the world for the jewish people ...and the muslim and the christian."

Jerusalem is mentioned in the Torah 750 times but not even mentioned ONCE in the Koran. Muslims bow to Mecca, not Jerusalem. Mohammed never visited Jerusalem in his whole life.

The Islamic claim that Israel's Temple Mount is the "third most holy site for Muslims" is based on reports by Mohammed's friends who said that after he died, Mohammed went on horseback to "the farthest place" and there, he rode his horse up into heaven." They did not say it was Jerusalem.

About 12 years after Mohammed's death, some guy actually built a mosque ON TOP OF the Christian church left on top of the mound by the Crusaders. He then renamed the Jewish Temple Mount "Al Aqsa" which in Arabic means "the furthest place". His motivation was probably to increase tourist traffic to his mosque by saying it was the actual place where Mohammed ascended into heaven.

The Jews, by contrast, had two huge temples built on the site beginning about 3,100 BC. and lasting hundreds of years each. The Jews only left Israel in 135AD when the Romans had destroyed their temple and started to kill anyone who stayed in the area. But the Jews have never forgotten their holy temple and longed to rebuild it. As part of the annual Passover holiday, Jews lift their glasses and say this toast "Next year in Jerusalem!" They have been doing this since 135AD.

The Christians took the life of one Jew, declared him the Jewish "Messiah" even though most of the Jews and more importantly, the Sanhedrin, the Jewish Court, rejected him as a charlatan.

And because their "Messiah" got murdered by the Romans in Jerusalem, suddenly the city "belongs" to the Christians?

The Jewish people have had the longest association with the lands of Israel. Their religious claims are far more substantial and documented than any Christian or Muslim claim.

Thank-you for the websites on Sudan. The situation there is very critical and people need to know about it.

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