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Ask yourself, Becky

Becky wants to know.... "Has Vinny EVER interviewed a family member of an Israeli who was killed by a Palestinian suicide bomber?"

You're a journalist, Becky. Have YOU ever interviewed *ANY* Palestinian? How about a Palestinian victims grieving family member? I concur. I have never interviewed a family member of an Israeli who was killed by a Palestinian suicide bomber. But, in the same breath, I'll also mention I've never interviewed a family member of a Palestinian who was killed by an IDF terrorist ether. I HAVE interviewed the parents of Rachel Corrie, an American peace activist who was murdered by a bulldozer driver. I've also interviewed numerous grieving family members of 9-11 victims... Ask yourself. I stand by my record of VOLUNTEER reporting.....

When you throw around the term Jew-bashing about me and about FRSC, it does a disservice to ACTUAL hate. Like this example from today's NY Times...

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (AP) -- Vandals smashed historic headstones and cut a swastika into a lawn at a Jewish cemetery overnight, authorities said Friday. The attack came just hours after two Israeli men were imprisoned for passport fraud and labelled spies by the New Zealand government.

Acts like that I deplore. Resasonable people who read this string and know of my work are laughing at your silly accusations, Becky. One of my good friends is Jewish. Disagree with me, fine. Just drop the Jew-bashing accuasations...

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