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Absence of Local Cartoon Artists

The Santa Cruz Comic News also does not carry local cartoons or caricature local figures as, say, De Cinzo does in the Metro.

While De Cinzo is rabidly anti-homeless in his cartooning, he's also not afraid to go after blowhards and sacred cows like Kennedy, Rotkin, and City Manager Dick Wilson.

As far as I can remember Tom Zajac has always played it safe (with the exception of a few cartoons by Nina back in the late 80's.

I was also told that one of the reasons the Green Press got dumped as an insert from the Comic News was Zajac's distaste for my writing (which occasionally found its way in there).

Tom's a nice enough guy and I enjoy the Comic News as much as anyone else, but hard local issues never get in there. This seems to me to be a conscious choice.

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