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Saying Arabs are treated well in Israel is racist?

Reply to Not a Racist: I suppose that any article published here that paints Israel in a positive light is "racist"?

While I cannot verify the source for this article, the specifics are basically true. Many Arabs from many different countries (Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, etc.) DID migrate to Israel to get good jobs in Israel's burgeoning agricultural industry.

As for radio broadcasts in 1948 which urged Arabs to leave their homes so the Arab armies could exterminate the Jews, these did occur.

Not all Arabs fled. Israel is currently 19% Arabic, mostly from Arabs who did not flee in 1948. These Arabs who stayed put were NOT mistreated by the Israelis.

All Israelis, including Arab-Israelis DO have national health insurance. Even the Palestinians had Israeli health insurance until the signing of the Oslo accords. The PA does not provide health insurance. No one here talks about that.

The Israelis do provide free and subsidized education. The Israelis are some of the most educated people in the world.

The Arabs do have representatives in the Knesset.

Arabs who are called "collaborators with Israel" are lynched, shot, and murdered in the street. These are often the Arabs who are calling for a peaceful settlement with Israel. Do you doubt this? Shall I post some grisly articles of public lynchings by the Palestinians?

So what part of the above article don't you believe?

Perhaps you are not a racist but you certainly are an anti-semite.

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