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This is a Globalization Issue

Felton didn't sell their water. Citizens Utilities of Minneapolis, the same company that owned Montara's water, sold it to CalAm. Montara got to Superior court before CalAm (and their parent company American Water Works) could sell their water to RWE.

Felton has a bigger water supply than Montara.

In Santa Cruz County there was the matter of the purchase notice being sent to the DA's office instead of being sent to the (correct recipient) County Counsel office. Santa Cruz missed the deadline to block.

The county has shown by every action taken that it was and remains opposed to the acquisition.

Read more like the following excerpt from:

In the United States, public ownership of water services is still the norm. An estimated 85 percent of water utilities are publicly owned, and communities have the right to seize private properties deemed to be vital to the public interest.

But those rules may be changing along with open markets and globalization.

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