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Re: County Supports Felton Water Acquisition from CalAm RWE

Everyone here is avoiding the obvious question.

How did CU of M come to own Felton's water system?

Did Felton sell it to them? Again I ask, what did Felton buy with the money from that sale?

Who did the initial sale, exactly? Was it the citizens of Felton via public vote, or their elected representatives?

If the latter, was the sale legal, fair, and square? If it was not, were the sellers ever punished and has the city of Felton returned that money to the unfortunate buyer?

This doesn't sound like justice to me. It sounds like sour grapes, and a bad solution to a bad decision.

Anyway, why should we expect SLVWD to do any better? I would wager that the same local politicians who controlled Felton's water system when it was Felton's property, will be in control under the SLVWD flag.

You've made your bed, now lay in it. Hopefully others will learn from your mistake. Hopefully you will too.

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