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So you have NO WORDS OF CRITICISM for the Janjaweed militants who are Arab/Islamic and NOT US imperialist? Who support a military dictatorship, not any kind of democracy?

You are against sanctions? (As the Arab League just voted)

So the worst death toll/slaughter on earth continues with 1000 people dying daily----not one of them shot by a US soldier or raped by an Israeli soldier. Only Arab on Arab violence.

And you advocate that the people being slaughter rise up in a revolution against the Janjaweed or against the US and Israel?

I guess in Nazi Germany you would have advised the Jews being gassed to "rise up in revolution" and to oppose "intervention" by US and British (Imperialist/capitalist) forces?

Steve---YOUR first problem is you are actually promoting a holocaust of the Sudanese people because you are so anti-American you can't stand for the US to do anything----even if they are the only country that reasonably can.

Your second problem is you don't have a clue what the word "genocide" means when you apply it to the Israelis (3,200 dead in four years of war) and fail to apply it to the Janjaweed (30,000 murdered this year with another 1.2 in danger of dying this year).

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