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Arafat is Egyptian since he was born in Egypt

Steve: Your name-calling only reflects badly on you. I am hardly a "Nazi" nor "ignorant".

You are babbling incoherently. Arafat was born in Egypt due to the genocidal policies of Israel?
NO! He was born in Egypt because HE'S AN EGYPTIAN!!

I say there is no Palestine because the Arabs have rejected a Palestinian state 14 times since 1937. You don't get to have a state if you keep saying no to forming one.

Israel is a legitimate nation, formed by a core of Jewish Zionists who were living in Palestine (pre-1948) and by Jewish Zionists in the diaspora. Failure to recognize Israel is the cause of most of the violence in the mideast.

Israel is the only Jewish nation in the world.

Israel is a very tiny nation which has been innundated with Arab immigration which threatens to change the demographics so that Israel will no longer have a Jewish majority.

Most of this immigration is illegal.

The Palestinians (and they only started calling themselves "Palestinians" in about 1968) also have a very high birth rate since Palestinian women are practically chattel. They don't have access to birth control. They don't have access to abortion. And they probably can't even say "NO" when their husbands come and have sex with them because "honor killings" are common among the Palestinians. The Islamic leaders are forcing the women to bear more children so there can be more soldiers for Jihad.

Arafat and the Palestinian Authority are corrupt, autocratic, and have destroyed the Palestinian economy by choosing war against making peace with Israel. The militant Islamic terror groups are even worse.

Yet you want to impose this violent,corrupt, ineffective, suffering-producing government onto Israel by force? For the betterment of whom?

Not the Palestinians! And as for the Israelis, I shudder to think of what you want to happen to them.

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