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Yes I agree with the Arab League. Sanctions against Sudan will not help the Sudanese people.

No I am not anti-American, but I am anti-imperialist and thereby anti-U.S. government and anti-Democrat and Republican. And yes I do oppose the U.S. going to war in Sudan for oil and weapons profits.

As for Nazi Germany, it was the Soviet Union that defeated Hitler, not the U.S. The U.S. only moved into the war when they knew who was winning. In addition, the U.S. government knew about the slaughter of communists, socialists, the disabled, trade unionists, and various ethnic groups (not just Jews), but purposely did nothing to bomb the death camps and crematoria. Such a move would have dramatically decreased the death toll. In addition, Roosevelt turned boatloads of Jews back to certain death while American Trotskyists ran headlines in their press demanding these people be let into the United States.

Becky, you are here promoting a dangerous myth of humanitarian imperialism. This was the same myth used to justify the imperialist war in Yugoslavia that you opposed. As you know the imperialists exaggerated and manufactured claims of all kinds of abuses against Yugoslavian Albanians and Muslims to justify that war. That is not to say that abuses did not occur. But as you also know: ethnic cleansing has continued under the watchful eye of the U.S. and international occupation. Meanwhile the real purposes of the war: (1) U.S. arms profits, (2) The privatization of Kosovo mines and the destruction of the Yugoslavian planned economy. These goals have unfortunately been achieved.

Becky, your definition of genocide is wrong. Genocide is a systematic policy to eliminate a people. This is what is being carried out by the Israeli government against the Palestinian people just as it has and still is being carried out against the native peoples of the United States. The Zionist genocidal policy, while including torture and murder as well as economic warfare against the Palestinian people, also includes the destruction of the Palestinian nation by forcing Palestinians to be refugees and denying them the right of return. This is accompanied by a policy of allowing almost any Jew in the world that had never even set foot in Israel automatic citizenship. This is all part of a genocidal policy.

From El Salvador to Chile to Haiti and Iraq, the U.S. government has never brought solutions to the third world. The USA only brings war, death squads, hunger, lack of medical care, and horrible puppet dictators. If you do not know this you need to read your history.

On Sudan John Kerry is a worse warmonger than Bush. On Iraq and Afghanistan Kerry is the same. Demand the U.S. Get Out of Iraq and Afghanistan Now! Demand the U.S. Stop its intervention in Sudan and keep troops out! Vote John Parker for President!

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