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Re: After Arafat

Good point Paul. I did not know Arafat's age, or the exact GPS position of his birth. Since so many Palestinians are living in exile I jumped to conclusions about Arafat. I stand corrected.

I would, however, ask Becky, who first raised this point as if it was important, what side of the border Cesar Chavez was born on and if that makes any difference.

Needless to say Egypt has been the victim of repeated Israeli aggression just as has happened to the people of Palestine under the Israeli occupation. Arafat's struggle for the Palestinian people and/or his sell-outs should be judged on merit, they should not be judged on where he was born. Che Guevara was born in Argentina, but that didn't stop him from helping lead the Cuban people to victory against U.S. imperialism and the Batista dictatorship.

While it is true that the land of Palestine has been under foreign rule for a long time, this does not mean that there was not a Palestinian people any less than there was an Irish people under hundreds of years of subjugation within the British empire. Palestine as a named location and subjugated nation has been around much longer than Becky will admit.

Even if Becky was right, which she is not, and the Palestinian people were the same as all other Arab nations, would that justify the Zionists stealing Palestine for themselves. Along this false line of reasoning we could assume that it would be OK for the Tamil people to take California and drive out the native inhabitants through theft and violence because the Californians are the same people as the Oregonians and Nevadans.

The Palestinians as a people were not happy with Turk/Ottoman rule, nor British rule, and certainly not Zionist rule. As an oppressed people with their own language and culture within Zionist Israel the Palestinian people compose a nation. The Hebrew speaking population now also composes a nation. The socialist revolution will have to end the subjugation of the Palestinians by ending Zionist capitalist rule and at the same time guaranteeing the rights of the Hebrew speaking nation. Tito was able unite nationalities in such a way in the Yugoslavian revolution.

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