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Re: County Supports Felton Water Acquisition from CalAm RWE

Thank you eb. Your reply was very educational.

So we regard private ownership ("privatization") as inherently hostile to the communal good, yet Felton's water system was born of private ownership thanks to the good Ms. Fetherston. Interesting.

If the system was sold to CU of C/D in 1961, who later became CU of M, okay. But if SLV bought the system back later in the 60s, how did CU of M get involved again later on? They were out of the picture.

Unless SLV sold it right back to them later. Which makes SLV seem insane. They bought it from CU of M in the 60s, then at some point sold it back to CU of M (who later sold it to CalAm, etc, etc)

So they already solved this problem once by their own current standards, and then screwed it all up?

I wonder how many people were taxed how heavily to fund the last buyout in the 60s, just to see SLV turn around and sell it right back into those same private hands later.

And pocket all the money from the re-sale instead of returning it to the tax payers, of course.

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