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Creating a welcoming environment; Kerry over Bush

I object to calling the organizers of this letter writing campaign "Democrat Party hacks". They should be welcome to post their invitation here. Note: I am a DTS (decline to state) voter, not a Democrat.

Regarding the impressive list of presidential candidates, one of two people will be elected president in November, 2004. Voters who dislike Kerry should ask themselves whether they would prefer Bush. Perhaps a viable alternative can be developed in time for 2008.

Regarding gay marriage, I would much rather have a president who opposes the federal marriage amendment (Kerry) than one who favors it (Bush). If that amendment passes, it will preclude same-sex marriage and eliminate civil unions. It may even render wills, advance care directives, power of attorney, and private contracts unenforceable, when same-sex couples are involved (cf. Virginia's new state law, whose wording is similar to that of the proposed federal constitutional amendment). Note: I am a gay man, and am married to a man. We were married in Canada, where I am from.

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