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Re: Letter Writing Party on Sept. 5

I did not call Fred and others involved "Democrat Party hacks". I was referring to those in charge of the Democrat Party who gave us Kerry, obviously Fred is not a top leader of the party.

As for Gay marriage, Kerry has a record of opposition to it. On any promises regarding the issue of an amendment against Gay marriage we should remember how Clinton’s support for Gays in the Military was transformed into “don’t ask don’t tell? after the election.

Call me silly and unrealistic, but I believe it is far better to oppose the candidacy of a candidate that is no good on anything from war to Gay rights or healthcare than to support him.

The main difference between Democrats and Republicans is that Democrats are better liars. It is the duty of those of us working for progress and against war to point out that the Democrats do not represent any of the agenda we have been organizing for. Otherwise we are only giving those Democrats left cover and helping them perpetuate their lies, wars, etc... Call me a nut, but I prefer the truth no matter how rude you think it sounds.

We will gain nothing but the continuation of the status quo by supporting Kerry.

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