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While I am uncertain what to make to the graffiti on the van ["Zami! No Irish"???], I *am* grateful to whoever parked it close between the steps and the rose bush, forcing the FCC to squeeze their sell-out asses through some thorny pokey broken sticks. Their plan didn't quite go "without a hitch" (they requred several hitches to tow their snitches and guns for hire outta town).

Thanks again to everyone who came down Wednesday morning, to everyone who witnessed the agents' stone-faced unwillingness to communicate in any way (or produce a warrant for several hours), everyone who felt powerless as they took away our stuff (those enemies of the state called 'turntables'), everyone who did any little thing that slowed them down and made their day just a little more difficult.

The tire stunt forced them to walk amongst us, to hear our frustrated comments, to bear our eavesdropping, to hear truckers and drivers and community members honking their support, to hear us explain to high school kids what was going on on September 29th. It made it clear that they were performing their duties against the will of the people of Santa Cruz. For that I again offer my thanks. Special shout out to Scooter, 'adopted' FRSC producer, whose "Innerside" airs Tuesdays at 1 PM Santa Cruz time. Good Idea!
2nd special shout out to the Folks at Zami who put up with an extremely challenging morning and who actually bore the worst brunt of the raid. I only hope that we can continue to work together in the fight for free speech--for ALL of us. Thanks.

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