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Re: 120 Photos from the Raid on Free Radio Santa Cruz

Hey all, what a forum erupting here...
well perhaps you are right. You can assume a person's attitude quickly on the internet from one stray comment and maybe you think I am polarized to the LEGAL BROWN NOSE side but I am not. I am sorry for the sarcasm. I know that alot of people involved with free radio projects have extreme social and politcal views and I want to stress the sad realities of the situation and distract from the typical emotional"I am very scared of my government right now" talk. Truth is "if you fly boldly in the face of the law you will get burned" period. How you deal with that is different.

I am glad some are seriously looking into the studio and TX separation. The added costs and inconvieniece of changing things around may be the costs of beating off the FCC for another 10years. As an audio engineer I can see how you value the TXed audio quality but also consider the message. If the people seek the message then they are not hampered by the method of delivery. Addionally if AM became a consideration, since the band is less crowded it sees less FCC scrutiny. It also travels much further at night reaching past a 42 watt FM band signal. The audio quality is a downside yes, but so is 42watts stereo vs say 42watts mono. The message again is the most important I would think.
Also I would consider the foul language thing. you dont have to sound like NPR just chill on the FU stuff. Simple eh?

Thats enough firewood from me.... good luck guys.

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