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Re: 120 Photos from the Raid on Free Radio Santa Cruz

F-words on radio, 'decency', and so on.

I have two kids, a 6 year old boy and 10 year old girl, bith of whom have grown up with Pacifica Radio fanatics as parents.

We were hanging out around the computer a few nights ago and looking at the pictures of the raid, they are somewhat familiar with FRSC, because we often listen on the web.

I played Bob's short mix on the bust, and when they heard 'we want to see a fucking warrant right now, asshole', and other choice uses of language throughout the mix, they were laughing their asses off, because kids have a natural propensity to dis-respect authority.

My kids are not stoopid, nor have they been corrupted because their parents don't clamp hands over their ears whenever somebody says fuck, shit, etc etc. They do not go to school repeating that language, nor do they run around the house cursing.

Who are we trying to protect?

If a 6 and 10 year old can handle this language, what is the problem? If the precept is that we need to protect the sensibilities of Americans and America's children, perhaps we should be raising smarter kids.



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