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Re: 120 Photos from the Raid on Free Radio Santa Cruz

wow this thread got going pretty good when i was not looking...

Pahthetic wrote:
"Yo dj megawatt, I wrote that and I do not believe you read the rest of the note or got my message. I appears that you just got mad at that one line.. go back and read the rest."

actually, pathetic, i did read the entire message. i just responded to the part i felt inclined to.

i think your suggesting frsc get a license is what really made me mad, compounded with your snotty condescending tone (paired with obvious lack of technical understanding) when you said "Do not put the fucking antenna on top of a house. do I need to explain that one?"

my statement was not intended to suggest that FRSC separating the studio from the transmitter is a bad idea, nor was it what i was referring to
by saying they need not be furtive.

The transmitter site, separated from the studio, would still be part of FRSC, and the transmitting equipment, plus whatever receiver is used for the studio to transmitter link would still be subject to "arrest" by the feds. what i was saying is that there is no way to hide it and no point in trying. its a beacon!

i didn't respond to your comment about getting a license because there is no way i can make an anarchist of you in an indymedia thread.

there, i'm done being provoked.

as for having the studio in a separate location,
my response to some of the ideas...

a two-watt signal on the fm band is still an unlicensed transmission subject to seizure itself. even if its NOT on the fm broadcast band, any unlicensed transmission that is not part 15 is subject. if FRSC can find two locations near enough to each other to use a part
15 signal as an STL (studio to transmitter link)
then great! but i know from experience that the singlemost difficult part of microradio is finding locations to work from!

as for a part 15 signal going two miles - show me evidence! a part 15 device (like a mr microphone or what have you) is no longer in compliance with part 15 if you modify it to operate with any antenna other than the one provided.

the webstream idea failed in olympia because our internet connections were not stable, and we did indeed have alot of dead air.

if someone develops a point to point 80211.b wireless connection and transmits a continuous audio signal from point a to point b, using software like Tonecast, and it works well, please let me know. investing in the technology BEFORE anyone has tried it is beyond FRO's budget right now, and probably beyond FRSC's.

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