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Re: Call to Action: Stop Government Repression of Indymedia

maybe, just maybe if indymedia didn't reflect exactly the repressive fascistic trend of rejecting any attitude but its own left wing bias it would find more help. as an anarchist i can only applaud when the repressive mentality identified with Totalitarian Soviet Tyranny in the 1950s gets smacked by it's logical complemet, the right wing. basically maybe indymedia deserved it.

it almost seems as if with some sort of deluded conceit -- indymedia assumes that they are the only voice in the world that can be independent and can become the media if it chooses to. This was the falw of Soveit-style totalitarianism in the sixties, and not Derrida, Chomsyky or all the geeks in the world will ever change that.

god bless real anarchy and people who can think for themselves instead of blindly conforming cause all the cool kids are doing it.

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