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Re: Reversing Global Warming.

we need to stop global warming and get a clean energy sorce that doesnot distroy the ozone.
clean power produced by mother earth, no chemical discharges into the air, or the sea. we can ease up on oil use. every body wins, we need to start using these alternative fuel sources to free our selves from big oil
(I am sure big oil wants to stop any other energy from coming on the market ) this is our chance to make the switch, to a New power source!
we cannot pollute the earth with oil for ever...we have to stop! and this is our chance.We need to go back to pro nuclear power, by far the cleanest of all flues! we can produce more power with less echo-disruption than any other available fuel source known today. it is with in our grasp to change our dependence on big oil.with clean non polluting nuclear power!

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