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Re: Fascism and the Republican Party

this is a revealing article and its anti-fascist information should be welcomed by the comming generation of anti-war youth. it is incom[lete though and here is another couple of examples. prescott bush and harriman during the early thirties were executives for the company owned by thysson who was the main finance capitalist who was pushing the (Hitler project in germany) this was no small company as for example prescott bush (georges grandfather)supplied nazis germany with 50% of their pig iron and 45% of their explosives and the list goes on and on. you can find this information out in the u.s. trading with the enemy act which closed down bush and harrimans Thysson owned company in oct. 1942. also during the civil war in spain texaco refused the elected democratic government gas although the spanish democracy offered cash for it. they texaco however gave the fascist side an unlimited credit line of supply to all its products.

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