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Re: City Council candidates interviewed on FRSC!

Nice, so Cobb, Nader, and Parker can't get into national debates to protect the status quo, and you do the same on Free Radio to Norse and Brune locally.

I'm sure Bush and Kerry do not want to be forced to discuss the real issues by having the other parties participate, it is sad to see you do the same thing for Kennedy on Free Radio.

Exclusion of the people’s candidates, this is the same kind of coverage you will find in the Sentinel, Metro, and Good Times. So the anti-homeless, pro-police abuse, anti-worker, and anti-medical marijuana candidates get the monopoly on coverage on your show. Not that you represent all of Free Radio, but I must say my understanding of Free Radio is that it is supposed to be an alternative to corporate news, not a junior version.

Liberation News gives critical support to the write-in campaigns of Robert Norse and Coral Brune. For more on their campaigns read:

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