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Everything Ok According to Santa Cruz County Clerk

I just called the Santa Cruz County Clerk (831-454-2060) and spoke with someone named Tyler (he was not authorized to give his last name, but said he was the only Tyler there and that I could call back and ask for him). He told me that everything was fine with the pencils and that he has recieved numerous calls about the pencils from concerned voters.

I was told that all the votes were counted by a machine and the machine was able to read ball point pens, graphite pens, pencils (#s 2, 2.5, 3), and some other marking devices.

I voted this evening at a polling place in Santa Cruz and as I handed my ballot to a man in a chair, I asked if my vote would be counted by a human or a machine. He replied that my vote would be counted by a human.

When I told Tyler (from the SCC Clerk) that the man at my polling place told me my vote would be counted by a human, Tyler put me on hold for about 30 seconds. I was told that the votes were counted by a machine, but the signatures were verified by people. Tyler said I was misinformed about the votes being counted by a machine.

I called the Santa Cruz County Clerk back a couple minutes later because I wanted to also ask about the rules for wearing political clothing. A women answered the phone (I did not ask her name) and she told me that people may not wear clothing with political messages anywhere within 100 feet of a polling place. The banned clothing includs hats, pins, shirts, etc... She told me that a poll worker would ask a person wearing political clothing to leave.


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