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Skull and Bones Wins 2004 Election. Tyranny Wins.

Skull and Bones Wins 2004 Election. Tyranny Wins.

Alex Jones
November 3, 2004

The Republicans now have a record majority in the House and the Senate, seven of the nine members of the Supreme Court were appointed by Republicans, a large majority of our States’ Governors are Republicans, and George Bush is now a lame duck who is not facing re-election.

What does this mean? It means that, to all the smirking neo-con masses who are celebrating Bush’s win, Bush now has no excuse but to repeal unconstitutional gun laws, to stop calling for amnesty , to control our borders, to pull out of UNESCO, and to stop the Free Trade Area of the Americas that is the Pan-American Union.

Don’t hold your breath. We’ve seen an explosion in the size of the government and a record loss of American freedom. I predict it’s only going to accelerate. Tens of millions of beady-eyed, dumbed-down, neo-con, neo-communist Republicans will hail it all because they associate their personal power with George Bush and don’t give a damn about their children or this country.

The Republicans now have strong control over all three branches of the Federal Government and the States, but instead of seeing a new age of conservatism, we're going to see a new age of the Police State. Government will get bigger and bigger and the Patriot Act 2 and the National ID will be rammed through Congress.

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