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Election Fraud or Electorate Apathy?

This headline reminds me of the misplaced blame ol' Dbuya gave regarding the health insurance crisis: "The problem is all those frivolous malpractice lawsuits!"

Sorry folks, but the 2000 election debacle did not repeat itself in the way this headline claims. We lost because we are an ignorant, apathetic populous who get our information from the wrong sources and are too jaded, self-absorbed and disinterested in the political process to elicit any degree of decisve effect, locally or nationally.

I walked around Santa Cruz talking to people and handing out information in the weeks leading up to the election and couldn't believe my ears; amazing how so many hip, cool-dressed people could have such a misguided worldview and an I-don't-give-a-shit attitude when it comes to stepping up and bringing about change. Apparently, TV is still king...even among the so-called Left.

Now that the vast majority of us are gasping in disbelief at the consequences of our apathy (while the status quo rolls on) I have to wonder if these emotions will ever lead to any degree of introspection. Or will we continue to delude ourselves into believing that our defeat was brought about because a few thousand votes were stolen by the usual election booth gangsters. Either way, we deserve another four years of Dubya and another Vietnam like the one that we're allowing to happen in Iraq. Why? Because we didn't get off our duff and mobilize.

I can think of dozens of news headlines more pertinent to what's happening outside our little PC village, but none which so perfectly exemplifies our self-delusion. Who runs this site, anyway? What a waste of page space and reader attention.

Turn off that stupid fucking TV, put down the bong, get off the sofa and get a grip. 'Cause when the Right Wing cometh, Hippie Johnny, you'll be the first to go. Peace out, dude.

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