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Re: Sprouts: Post-Mortem Look at MeasureJ

It's really interesting to pick apart the arguments for Measure J/Highway widening. Look at who the pro people are trying to have us emotionally sympathize with: the working moms. But, look a little closer: is mom driving across the county to pick up her kid and go shopping? Wouldn't the kid be somewhat close to home and isn't there a store close to home, too? I think people in Santa Cruz are sympathetic to low wage workers coming to Santa Cruz to work, but it is not at all apparent to me that these folks are going to be helped out any more my widening the highway than having an extensive bus, train, and bike system.
We need think hard of who is being served most by these highway ideas and see how much responsibility Santa Cruz has to getting people to their high paying jobs in San Jose, using Santa Cruz as a thoroghfare to get there.

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