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Re: One Hundred New Pirate Radio Stations...

Have you noticed that the FCC is not just coming down hard on the pirates, but the "legit" broadcasters as well? Does anyone remember the climate of fear-of-the-FCC that gripped broadcasting in the days of Lenny Bruce and George Carlin's "Seven Dirty Words"? Doesn't it seem as if we have come full circle? Is DJ Megawatti perhaps right, that radio is a potent resource that any government must control as a way of securing its "territory"? That our government -- although it employs pretexts that resonate with Americans -- nevertheless is doing what any despotic government would do anywhere in the world to control key resources?

Why can't the radio spectrum be treated like real estate and be fully privatized? If there were more honest broadcasters going on the air as "small fry," wouldn't interest in the huge corporate radio stations and their worthless music and talk just dry up? Isn't the only thing we really need a court to settle claim and interference (trespass) disputes? Who needs an FCC to say who can and cannot broadcast, or what they can or cannot broadcast?

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