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Big Business Boner For Santa Cruz

We were incredibly fortunate to have Jerry Brown as governor when plans had been made for a nuclear power plant at Davenport, offshore oil drilling, and cities visualized to connect us with San Francisco. Jerry pissed them all off, as big corporation/business had a large erection for this area. Every inch of greenbelt/marine sanctuary was fought for by alot of good people, along with a power shift in local government. You would think folks would know by now that we're not selling out for what has happened over the hill, or down south. Widening highways has not solved anything in either aforementioned places. If people don't like it, they have the option of moving closer to their work, back where they came from, or where citizens conform to the wants of pushy business people. It's also great Mardi Wormhoudt is working to impede unchecked university growth.

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