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Re: Free Self Defense Workshop

If I could talk to my attacker, before he attacks, so he may rethink his decision to attack me? What Utopia world do you live in?

I know how to protect myself and I don’t go around provoking violence on others. If we lived in your Utopia, I would have to agree with you, violence is bad, but unfortunately we don’t. No matter how hard we try to have a violent free world it will never happen.

I have no control over what other people do, but I do have control over what they do to me, why is that wrong?

I am a survivor, I was taught self-defense, which unfortunately, I have had to use. I was attacked and I got out of it and got away, I also left him lying helpless on the ground and now he is in jail. That, was my conflict resolution!

People are not going to take this class, then go looking for a fight, that’s not what this class is about. This is about knowing what to do once you are in that situation and knowing what to do to protect yourself and to get out of the situation.

So please just go back to your beauty pageant life of “World Peace? and leave us realistic people alone.

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