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Re: Violence and Conflict

We can only be comfortable stepping away from conflict if we are in control of our minds and bodies. Have you noticed that a lot of violent conflict comes from a lack of confidence when confronted? People who are uncomfortable being confronted because they are unsure of their abilities to defend themselves often are the quickest to lose physical control and respond with violence because they fear being seen as inferior. We can learn to accept being seen as weak if we are confident in our strength. This is what I hope to share.

This is a positive dialogue, one that I want to address and discuss on Saturday. I encourage people to come to the workshop with an open mind, ready to hear and discuss these ideas and others with respect for one another and a readiness to listen to perspectives that might differ from your own.

Through practice focused on learning the strengths and weaknesses inherent in our bodies, I believe we can actually avoid conflict and violence. By being aware of our bodies and our abilities, we can build a community that is confident and strong in its resolve to end violence.

To answer earlier comments, I do not believe that this is promoting a "culture of violence," as I do not believe that would-be victims of rape are feeding into a cycle of violence obsessed culture by fighting back. Studies and statistics show clearly that women who fight back are often able to escape their attackers. I will not be advising anyone to fight against a gun or a knife. In fact I will not be advising anyone to fight--simply to understand how basic self defense works so that people can make an educated decision when it is an effective tactic to fight back and when it is not. I want to give peole the tools necessary to make an informed decision.

If you are interested in pushing your physical abilities out of your santa cruz comfort zone and working through some of these tough questions in a comfortable group setting, I encourage you to come to Saturday's workshop. We will try to focus on instruction that is accessible to all attendees, check-in on how people feel about some of the exercises, and discuss what it means to be a peaceful person.

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