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Re: Free Self Defense Workshop

We're all for peace and social justice, and I personally am all for nonviolent protest. However, violence is all around us, and we all have seen state police force fight us and innocent bystanders as demonstrations. Nonviolent resolutions of conflict is great, but it doesn't always work. All Zapatistas would have been dead already if they had confronted the Mexican military purely in a nonviolent way. So would the Bolivian water protesters.

Moreover, let's realize also that police is less inclined to hurt white people that look like them, and they can identify with. Go be nonviolent and peaceful when 5-0 is mobbing it up in the ghettos and barrios.

Finally, I don't think the power elite in this country will just roll over and give up when the revolution comes. Self-defense is an essential tool, and essential right in preparation for the confrontation that will inevitably come.

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