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Misconceptions About Self-Defense

If the extreme pacifists posting above are indeed sincere, they are misinformed about the nature of self-defense. Self-defense is not *attacking* others, but proactively responding to violent nonverbal communication. One of the best techniques I know is called Aikido , a Japanese martial art which roughly translated means "the art of harmony." I like to think of it as the Road Runner approach because it emphasizes turning the striking energy of the attacker back against him(her)self. When first exposed to it, I was incredulous, but have come to appreciate it as an effective nonviolent tool for self-defense. As an advocate for victims of domestic violence, I encourage all women to get basic training in self-defense techniques so (like Blue Zappa advocates) they don't feel helpless or defenseless as individuals. For those who experience violence in their everyday lives, empowering one's body can translate into a strengthened resolve to leave an abusive situation. In addition, self-defense techniques can teach you how to correctly receive a body blow to minimize harm, thus potentially preventing severe permanent injuries. The important thing to remember is that you *can* practice SELF-DEFENSE and still be NONVIOLENT. DanielSan -- I hope there will be more workshops like this in the future. This is a resource that is needed in our community. Thank you!!!! (If attendance was less than you might have liked, chalk it up to the time of year and don't be discouraged.)

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