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an issue of priviledge

It is often people of priviledge (white people, men, upper class people, etc.) who take stances of strict pacifism and criticize those who practice and advocate self defense. If you havent had your body, your life, your home, your children, threatened then you might not understand why violent tactics can be necessary and effective tools for political change. Please recognize that non violent tactics arent always realistic and are often a priviledge...and read about the Black Panthers, fool.

It is often discouraging to come across posts that seem totally unrealistic. Speaking, as a survivor, and a woman, who is constantly on guard it is realistic to want to know how to defend my self and my body. Because one chooses to learn self defense skills does not mean that they condone violence, however, we do live in a culture that perpetuates violence on a daily basis. There is a constant attack on women and their bodies, and it's empowering to know how to, if the situation arises (which it probably will--being that one in every 3 women is raped in her life time) I might be able to get out of it, or protect myself and my sisters. It fucking enrages me that men can tell me what is and is not appropriate in terms of defending myself. Until you know the reality of being afraid every day of your life, then you can't tell me otherwise. That's just not our reality folks.

We don't live in a black and white world. There is no one appropriate response to any given situation. It's immature and ignorant to assume that non violence is always the right choice.

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