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Re: Help Needed For Concert 4 Palestine

My sources for the stats are:

As for Steve's concerns (which sound like a bunch of name-calling and accusations that I am lying without refuting any of my so-called "lies")

While I am highly critical of the Palestinian climate of hatred against Israel (in school textbooks, sermons in mosques, payment to the families of suicide bombers by members of the Palestinian Authority, etc.) this does NOT translate into a desire to kill or make Palestinians homeless. I support solutions that improve Palestinian living conditions, housing, medical care, and education. If conditions are improved, it can only help the peace process.

I do NOT think Israel is responsible for the dire living conditions of the Palestinians. Indeed, the Israelis have done more to improve the lives of the average Palestinian than any other neighboring country.

For instance, Israel built 6 Universities and 20 community colleges for the Palestinians between the 1967 war and the 1994 Oslo accords. During this same time period, Israel built 166 medical clinics for the Palestinian and provided universal health care coverage. Refute this Steve!!

Since 1994, when Arafat took over the civil administration of the Palestinians, living conditions have gone thru a dramatic decline. The facts suggest the Palestinians would be better off if Israel were still in complete control. Arafat has syphoned off billions in aid which should have gone to improve the standard of living for his own people.

Right now, a treasure hunt is going on to try to find Arafat's hidden billions. Apparently he took this information with him to the grave.

But I understand, Steve, that your anti-semitic point of view can only see the Jews and Israel as some sort of brutal dictators. You are wrong and you must ignore a mountain of evidence to the contrary to continue to hold your views.

I do not "know" that Israel is racist and genocidal towards the Palestinians. First, Israel is about 20% Palestinian-Arab. This Arabs have full Israeli citizenship, can own property and vote and have representatives in the Knessett. It is the Palestinians (and some leftists) who are trying to drive all Jews out of the West Bank in a racist attempt to make the area Jew-free.

As for genocidal, the death toll does NOT support your contention. In the past four years about 4000 people have died in the conflict on both sides. Contrast this with Sudan where an estimated 1000 people are dying each week! The Palestinian population has increased five-fold since 1948. So if the Israelis have a policy to commit genocide against the Palestinians, they are doing a pretty piss-poor job of it.

I can provide ample quotes of Palestinian leaders and Imams publically calling for the annihilation of the Jews in Israel. You will not find similar quotes coming from the Rabbis in the Temples or from the members of the Knesset in their open sessions.

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