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Re: Free Self Defense Workshop

To Moon Water House, I agree! Its easy for patriarchal men to yelp about not being "violent" (defending ones self) in a world run on universal male privilege.

If you keep on turning the other cheek, you soon run out of cheeks!

Rapists are the storm troopers of patriarchy and batterers are the occupying forces.

Every women alive today is either enslaved or decended from female slaves. Being free and the concept of being truly free from rape or male violence has been eradicated from womens living memory—for 5,000 years (Read the Chalice and the Blade)

For 5,000 years since the destruction of the Goddess societies, women have been beaten into submission both physically and spiritually by patriarchal men and their dysfunctional punishing "father gods"
Women and men of peace (a minority) have been beaten and ridiculed.

According to the US Surgeon General, the most common "health" affliction of women is being beaten up by MEN.

I think rapists and molesters should not go to jail since us taxpayes must pay to feed and house their lousy asses.

These perverts should be put in stocks, smeared with dog shit and then have their noses removed so the world will recognize them for the scum they are and so they cant hide by blending in with men of peace.

So, you think this is "cruel and unusual punishment"? How about the terrified child who is molested and the women who are beaten and raped? This is cruel and unusual punishment.

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