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Re: SCPD General Orders now Online

I find it somehow funny that Becky thinks that if enforcement actions (or whatever they are called) go up above a certain percentage, then there is selective enforcement. That would mean that, in the city of Santa Cruz, with a population of 54,500, if more than (roughly) 1,600 tickets are issues to homeless or transient people, then it MUST be selective enforcement.

Allos me to state the obvious (and Steve Argue, please stay out of this because you never bring and new info into the dicussion): Most of the arrests of people ANYWHERE are for crimes more likely to be committed (not enforced upon) by the riffraff we are talking about. Again, no one is in favor of homelessness... no one loves misery and poverty (steve, stay out of this). But in the end, the problem lies in that the majority of the people who are herion addicts are homeless; the majority of crack addicts are transients; etc. So thus placing the first name on their character as being "homeless" is deceiving: what got them to their state of homelessnes?

You never seem to want to discuss this issue. You always seem to dodge around it. I'm sorry for the guy who is addicted to heroin and is homeless and arrested, but that doesn't mean I want him living next to me. Get real. No one does. And just because Santa Cruz is so welcoming to those folks in their minds doesn't mean that they are lovely people to have as neighbors.

Go ahead, I'm sure you'll rip my post into pieces, but I am content in blowing off my steam, and knowing that, while you have tv and radio shows, no one in this community really thinks you are viable activists.

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