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The numbers game

The Sentinel reporter relied on figures from the rally organizers. Lame!!! I didn't hear the coverage from KPFA, and I doubt they had a reporter there.

IMHO, most rally organizers are too busy to get an accurate count. That's why we have reporters!!! So, at most demos, I count people myself.

When the march left the county building, I got in front, stoppped in the bike lane, and counted people. I counted a total of 428 heads, but there were some small people (kids) on the march who I might've missed. Also, a number of bicyclists whizzed past me, too fast to count. So it is accurate to say "more than 400 people." It would also be accurate to say, "about 450 people."

While I'm venting.... often, I'll be at a march, counting heads, and someone will recognize me and say "Hey V-Man," or something similar. Please don't do this!!! And don't get offended when I ignore you...

If you see me at a rally and I'm holding a microphone, I am trying to RECORD ambient sounds. When you yell my name, IT RUINS MY RECORDING!!!! Please just smile and nod!!

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