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Re: Ralph Nader, Matt Gonzales GREEN HEAVIES HERE IN SC

>Blech! These two are people,
>just like you and I...

I never said, nor even implied, that they were anything more than regular folks...

Although, they're not "just like" you... they have dedicated their lives to making positive social changes. And they have done a pretty good job with it, despite the less-than-optimal circumstances we find ourselves in. You, on the other hand, just make anonymous complaints on websites.

Yeah, uh-huh, it's all Nader's fault. Don't pay any attention to the folks who rigged the vote in Florida.

Systematic disenfranchisement of tens of thousands of AfAm voters? Who cares! Blame it on Nader.

In Florida, there were many more Democrats who voted for Bush than for Nader. So what! Blame Nader!

Why try to critically analyze Party-wide failings, when it's so much easier to blame some lefty, progressive scapegoat?

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