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"No parent would *ever* put their little innocent daughter "up to" becoming a martyr.... "

Makes no sense to YOU as you're no jingoistic Palestinian, let alone an Islamic sympathizing one at that. You're judging all Palestinian parents from a distinct Western, life affirming persperstive that not all of them share. Some of them prefer to sacrifice their offspring on the alter of the terroristic struggle against Israelis or Islamism in return for nationalistic pride and prestige in their community.

Here's one example of a Palestinian mother who has encouraged her children to become suicide bombers:

"Um Nidal Farahat, a Gazan mother of four, has a very different attitude. She says she encouraged her sons, from a young age, to
attack Israeli targets and become martyrs. One son, Mohammed, 17, was killed in March when he attacked Atzmona, a Jewish settlement in the southern Gaza Strip, and killed five youths there. Mohammed had been active with Hamas' military wing since he was 7, Um Nidal told the Saudi newspaper Asharq al Awsat last month.
"In this atmosphere, Mohammed came to love martyrdom," she said. "As a mother, I re-enforced this love for martyrdom in the mind of Mohammed and of all my sons."
She said she discussed the Atzmona operation with Mohammed before he embarked on it and posed with him for keepsake photos.

The source for the above map is IDF spokesman as noted in Hebrew below the photo. Beats any communist or Palestinian-terrorist source for all I'm concerned.

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