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More about the Israel basher's lame word game

The new buffoon's stupid aforementioned word game is extremely lame as he doesn't understand the reason for the employment of certain replacements of names, e.g. "Jewish" vs. "Arab" (not "Palestinian") and "Western" vs. "Arab".

Here's what the new buffoon's paraphrased passage should have looked like:

"Makes no sense to YOU as you're no jingoistic Israeli , let alone a religious-Jewish sympathizing one at that. You're judging all Israeli parents from a distinctly Western, life affirming perspecstive that not all of them share. Some of them prefer to sacrifice their offspring on the altar of the terroristic struggle against Palestinians or militaristic Judaism in return for nationalistic pride and prestige in their community.

Here's one example of an Israeli mother who has encouraged her children to become suicide bombers:

"Aliyah Rosenberg, a Tel-Aviv mother of four, has a very different attitude. She says she encouraged her sons, from a young age, to
attack Palestinian targets and become martyrs. One son, Ariel, 17, was killed in March when he attacked Jenin, an Arab settlement in the West Bank, and killed five youths there.

She said she discussed the Jenin operation with Ariel before he embarked on it and posed with him for keepsake photos."

(Note that the rabid anti-Zionist couldn't find appropriate replacements for the text he omitted. Quite telling, eh?)

I expected the new buffoon to distort my words beyond recognition and he sure has. The basis for my observation wasn't racist but rather a culturally based one. The concept of shuhada or Islamist martyrdom is anathema to liberal Western culture. It could be understood by all Westerners who are sufficiently open minded and willing to learn, but the anti-Zionist buffoon and his ilk will never accept the logic inherent in my explanation and will always try to depict me instead as an anti-Arab racist.

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