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Actually, someone like Becky making herself conspicuous in leftist circles is easily explained: The zionists are keenly aware that their strongest opposition in U.S. society -- i.e. their most damaging opposition -- is concentrated on the political left. Their extremely active U.S. organizations therefore seek to infiltrate those camps and gather as much intelligence and as many names as possible, to what end remains to be seen. I've seen this myself at a "communist" bookstore (a logical place for CoIntelPro intelligence gathering) where nearly all the volunteers were A) remarkably disinterested in leftist theory, B) had no visible source of income, and C) harbored sneaky non-leftist sympathies for Israel. The same people constantly pushed patrons to fill out "customer registration" sheets.

Becky is probably a spy. If I were a leftist in Santa Cruz, I'd avoid her like the plague.

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