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Re: Clear View Court Residents are Kept in the Dark

You are most welcome, "Thanks" and "Nelson Harvey" and everyone else that may appreciate the coverage provided by me and and the santa cruz indymedia community.

Nelson, I'm really excited that you are writting a story about this for City On A Hill Press and glad that santa cruz indymedia has been a helpful resource for your article.

I've got a couple of requests for you:

1) Please publish your article here on santa cruz indymedia! me and many other people that read sc-imc would love to see the article, comment on it, etc...

2) It would be kind of you to mention in the body of the article or at the end of the article that has been a helpful resource for writting the article.

Thanks again for the kudos and for continuing to get this story out to our community.

in solidarity,

p.s. please pass the word on to others at CHP that they are doing great work and that it would be fantastic to see some of those excellent articles here on santa cruz indymedia.

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